Hal Gets a Scoop: New Excerpt from The Archaeologists!

Chapter 26: Hal — Monday, April 21

Hal gets the scoop he’s been waiting for!

It’s weirdly tranquil behind the house. Fenced-in backyards face each other. Susan Proudfeather sits alone, cross-legged on the yellow-green grass. Proudfeather seems to be meditating or something. She’s got her eyes closed. A black bird flies overhead, heading for the river across the street and down below. Not exactly sure what to do, Hal stands there, fingering the record button on his camera. Finally, he steps closer and points his camera at the seated woman.

(All 34 chapters of The Archaeologists will be published online on the websites of 5 great magazines between now and October. The novel will be published by ARP Books in Fall 2016.)




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“Niedzviecki’s vividly portrayed characters, caught in the conflict between the natural and the urban, resonate with the rage that unbridled modernity raises in all of us, whether we know it or not. The Archeologists is a novel Jane Jacobs would have loved.” — Wayne Grady, author of Emancipation Day.

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