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We Embraced the Future and
It Nearly Killed Us

Forty-Five Years Later We’re Still Suffering from Future Shock

October 21, 2015  By Hal Niedzviecki



Millennials Facing the Future Anxiously — Excerpt from Trees On Mars in the Toronto Star


by Hal Niedzviecki

He was a storyteller, a raconteur, who dealt in the epic—risk, reward, heroism. But did we really know him?

 The memorial service for my grandfather, Zadie Avrohom (Abraham) Krolik, was held in the old Jewish cemetery in Montreal in June 2009, a few weeks before he would have celebrated his ninety-fifth birthday. Aside from the rabbi, who had never met Zadie, I was the only one who addressed the small crowd.

I spoke confidently on that perfect summer day, having been well schooled in my grandfather’s story. I informed the gathered mourners that Zadie had been born in Poland in 1915, smack in the middle of the First World War. His father returned from the army to attend his briss. He lived through the Spanish influenza, the Great Depression—and then the horrible aftermath of the Depression, World War II.



commentDead fire-damaged trees near Emu Bay, Kangaroo Island, Australia

Are you ready to embrace the apocalypse?

by Hal Niedzviecki

Facing up to the slow collapse of our planet is hard, but thinking apocalyptically could help us prepare for the crises to come


Facebook in a Crowd

Published: October 24, 2008

One day this past summer, I logged on to Facebook…

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