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Future Fetish: Fast Company Interviews Hal Niedzviecki

Do_Humans_Have_An_Unhealthy_Fetish_For_The_Future_Co.Exist_ideas_+_impact_-_2016-07-22_10.07.45GREAT piece in Fast Company talking about my take on how future has become a fetish. Particularly good summary of my take on the “historical argument”, the idea that human beings have always sought innovation.  READ IT HERE.

World IP Day Interview!

World-IP-Day-with-Hal-NiedzvieckiIn honour of world Intellectual Property Day, I was interviewed by Law student John Wu for the IP Osgoode Blog. We talked the law, creative community, technology and why someone would give their novel away….

Check it out here.

Hal on the Radio talking FHRITP and public shaming.

I was on the radio this morning talking about public shaming and FHRITP. You can hear all 8 minutes here.

CBC Hypes up the Campus Poem















CBC hypes up the campus poem Twitter experiment I’m conducting as part of my writer-in-residency with McMaster University and the Hamilton Public Library! Read the article here.




Hal at the Pages Festival + Conference

  • I will be speaking at a panel discussion about The Future of Self-publishing being held as part of the new Pages Festival + Conference in Toronto. It should be a pretty interesting discussion as I am likely to have a very different perspective on self publishing than anyone at Kobo or Wattpad.

  • with: Hal Niedzviecki, Nathan Maharaj, Caitlin O’Hara, Ashleigh Gardner, Deborah Barnett, Bob Kasher and moderator Robert K. Logan

  • Friday March 14. 3:30pm. At the Tranzac Club, Toronto

  • Even description: Self-publishing has become a global phenomenon. Last year over 350,000 titles were self-published in the US alone. Self-publishing has become a key way for global self-expression in many countries without a massive publishing infrastructure or suffering under onerous regimes of censorship and state control. Our panel looks at these and other areas of interest and concern in this fast growing, fast changing environment. How will it affect literary publishing? What kind of controls can or should be put on it? Will it continue to grow? Panelists include representatives from key platforms like Kobo and WattPad as well as successful self-published authors.

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First Novel Ditch is going to be a feature film

My first novel Ditch is on its way to becoming a feature film. Independent production company Picture Plant is currently shooting the movie in Nova Scotia. Check out the report in the Hollywood Reporter for the cast details.

Here’s more on the book:

Ditch is a subversive, compelling portrait of a young man’s plunge into adulthood, set in Toronto, Buffalo and the suburbs of Maryland. Niedzviecki’s prose quickly dumps you into the head of Ditch, awkward, aimless, endearing — still living with his mom, driving a delivery van to get by — and into the rather more complicated mind, diary, e-mail and website of a young runaway who moves into the upstairs apartment. Debs is beautiful, tortured and much projected upon, largely because of the kind of pictures of herself she puts up on her website. Both she and Ditch are searching for absent pasts and possible futures, and Debs is on the run from something particularly nasty.Ditch is a sudden stumble into an instantly recognizable, constantly shifting, unforgettable world where everything happens through the filters of memory and modems.







NPR Radio Interview about The Peep Diaries is now online, check it out.

Sept. 2012: Listen or read the transcript of Hal Niedzviecki talking to Jim Fleming about his book, “The Peep Diaries: How We’re Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbors.” On Wisconsin Public Radio and syndicated across the US on participating NPR affiliates.