First Novel Ditch is going to be a feature film

My first novel Ditch is on its way to becoming a feature film. Independent production company Picture Plant is currently shooting the movie in Nova Scotia. Check out the report in the Hollywood Reporter for the cast details.

Here’s more on the book:

Ditch is a subversive, compelling portrait of a young man’s plunge into adulthood, set in Toronto, Buffalo and the suburbs of Maryland. Niedzviecki’s prose quickly dumps you into the head of Ditch, awkward, aimless, endearing — still living with his mom, driving a delivery van to get by — and into the rather more complicated mind, diary, e-mail and website of a young runaway who moves into the upstairs apartment. Debs is beautiful, tortured and much projected upon, largely because of the kind of pictures of herself she puts up on her website. Both she and Ditch are searching for absent pasts and possible futures, and Debs is on the run from something particularly nasty.Ditch is a sudden stumble into an instantly recognizable, constantly shifting, unforgettable world where everything happens through the filters of memory and modems.







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