New chapter of The Archaeologists: Tim and Charlie down by the river

Chapter 25. Tim and Charlie—Saturday, April 19

Is Tim spiraling out of control? Can Charlie save him? Or will he take her with him?

Charlie edges over to the point where bank crumbles into the river. The water lurches by, green on top, brown and brackish on the bottom. Tim takes Charlie’s hand, hot and full in his dry cracked palm. Tim remembers what Charlie said about the rocks leading to the sweat lodge hut. Thousands and thousands of years old. Can a river be old? Water? How old is dirt? What about the air? Is that old?

Hold on tight, Charlie says.

(All 34 chapters of The Archaeologists will be published online on the websites of 5 great magazines between now and October. The novel will be published by ARP Books in Fall 2016.)




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“Niedzviecki’s vividly portrayed characters, caught in the conflict between the natural and the urban, resonate with the rage that unbridled modernity raises in all of us, whether we know it or not. The Archeologists is a novel Jane Jacobs would have loved.” — Wayne Grady, author of Emancipation Day

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