New from The Archaeologists: Tim vs. June!

Chapter 21: June–Thursday, April 17

June finally meets Tim in this pivotal chapter! You won’t believe what happens next! (Ha…pathetic attempt at clickbait, but, well, it is a pretty dramatic chapter…)

“June freezes, her fists distending against the glass. A man is staring in. June gasps. But he doesn’t seem to see her. He gazes through and past, like she’s not even there. He’s scraggly, his pale face dotted with patches of wispy beard. Young guy, June registers, he can’t even grow a beard. He’s wearing an army surplus jacket. The jacket’s too big for him. It hangs off his skinny frame, a tattered shirt handed down to a scarecrow. June breathes again. He isn’t particularly intimidating. Why doesn’t he see me? Get out of here, June thinks. Go.”

Read Chapter 21.

(All 34 chapters of The Archaeologists will be published online on the websites of 5 great magazines between now and October. The novel will be published by ARP Books in Fall 2016.)



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“Niedzviecki’s vividly portrayed characters, caught in the conflict between the natural and the urban, resonate with the rage that unbridled modernity raises in all of us, whether we know it or not. The Archeologists is a novel Jane Jacobs would have loved.” — Wayne Grady, author of Emancipation Day

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