Reviews of Hal’s Books

 Reviews of The Archaeologists

bookCover_04Macleans Magazine – A Beguiling Tale About Alienation

Winnipeg Free Press –Living on the edge: Fictional suburb of Wississauga holds forgotten histories in Niedzviecki’s latest

Reviews of Trees On Mars: Our Obsession with the Future

bookCover_treesGlobe & Mail – This obsession with staking out terrain in the future is at the centre of Hal Niedzviecki’s terrific, thought-provoking new book, Trees on Mars. Niedzviecki writes: “Today it’s not just the present that we are repeatedly urged to shape and control; today, the future, too, is something that individuals are being told to contest, buy, sell and bring into being.”

Winnipeg Free Press


Reviews of  The Peep Diaries

Globe & Mail

The Winnipeg Free Press

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