The Archaeologists Serialization

ARP-ArchCover-FrontforwebThe Archaeologists (ARP Books) is the new novel by writer Hal Niedzviecki. It follows six people from the fictional edge city Wississauga, Ontario whose lives intersect when they become embroiled in a fight over the fate of a riverbed running behind their homes. In an exciting and unprecedented move, all 34 chapters of this tense, mysterious, off kilter and episodic novel will be serialized from April to October 2016. There will be one, or occasionally two, chapters released each week, available for free on the alternating websites of five excellent magazines.

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Niedzviecki’s vividly portrayed characters, caught in the conflict between the natural and the urban, resonate with the rage that unbridled modernity raises in all of us, whether we know it or not. The Archeologists is a novel Jane Jacobs would have loved. — Wayne Grady, author of Emancipation Day

 Read the Chapters

Chapter 1. Tim—Thursday, April 10

Chapter 2: Hal—Thursday, April 10

Chapter 3: Charlie—Thursday, April 10th

Chapter 4: June—Thursday, April 10th

Chapter 5: Tim—Thursday, April 10th

Chapter 6: June–Friday, April 11

Chapter 7: Tim and Charlie—Friday, April 11

Chapter 8: Susan—Friday, April 11th

Chapter 9: Tim—Friday, April 11

Chapter 10: Hal and Scott—Saturday, April 12

Chapter 11: June — Saturday, April 12

Chapter 12: Hal and Rose—Monday, April 14

Chapter 13: June — Monday, April 14

Chapter 14: Tim and Charlie—Monday, April 14

Chapter 15: Susan—Tuesday, April 15

Chapter 16: June—Tuesday, April 15

Chapter 17: Rose—Tuesday, April 15

Chapter 18: June–Thursday, April 17

Chapter 19: Susan—Thursday, April 17

Chapter 20. Tim and Charlie—Thursday, April 17

Chapter 21. June—Thursday, April 17

Chapter 22: Hal—Thursday, April 17 – Friday, April 18

Chapter 23: Rose—Friday, April 18th

Chapter 24: June — Saturday, April 19

Chapter 25: Tim and Charlie—Saturday, April 19

Chapter 26: Hal — Monday, April 21

Chapter 27: Susan—Monday, April 21

Chapter 28: June—Monday, April 21st–Tuesday, April 22nd

Chapter 29: Tim — Tuesday, April 22

Chapter 30: June – Thursday, Jun 26

 Partner Magazines

We’re excited to be partnering with some of the best literary magazines in North America! Partner magazines participating in the serialization project are Broken Pencil: The Magazine of Zine Culture and the Independent Arts; Geist: Ideas and Culture; The New Quarterly: Canadian Writers and Writing; Subterrain: Strong Words for a Polite Nation; and Taddle Creek: Fiction, Poems, Comix. Please click on their logos and check out their awesomeness!

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The Archaeologist Serialization Schedule